Weblogic Active Gridlink Datasource creation script WLST

The Objective

The post is about how to do  Weblogic Active Grid Link Data source creation using WLST.   We are giving WLST script here to accomplish the same.

It has some nice features like

  • Duplicate Validation
  • Test Connection
  • Database Credential validation
  • Bulk Datasource creation.

We hope you would find it useful.

It is a property based script, So make sure you update the property file before you run the script.

We hope the Script and the properties file are self-explanatory. Feel free to let us know for help over comments.

This script has been created in the same structure to our previous script  WebLogic domain creation using WLST so you can refer the post for further reference.

The Properties

The Script



Thanks to My Friend Gopi Kumar for crafting this and sharing it with middlewareinventory.

If you have such scripts and want to share with the world. Please let us know in comments or email us at [email protected] with your name and linked in/facebook profile link.

We will post it here and give your name as an Author with your linkedin/fb link.


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