Find Empty Directories in Linux - When there is no Empty Option

The Objective of this post gives you a hack to find Empty Directories in Unix Where there is no -empty option supported with the find command


I have recently had a requirement of finding the empty directories in mount point (or) file system where there is no "-empty" option of find command is supported/available.

if its there. Its very simple just like given below

find . -type d -empty

This is the alternate way to get it done.

There are few Sub directories under mount point

Take a list of them into a text file. I named it as testfilehere.

I have designed this sample script to do the work for me.


while read FOO;do
VAR1=`echo $FOO|sed 's/ /*/g'`
list=`ls -A $VAR1|wc -l`
[[ $list -ne 0 ]] && echo -e "$FOO\t\t\t-notempty-" || echo -e "$FOO\t\t\t-empty-"
done < $IN_FILE



It will write a log file with -empty- or -notempty- tag lines.

Good luck