F5 LTM - Get Client SSL Profiles with their VIP Mapping and CIPHER Configuration - tmsh

This is for those who are wondering is there a way to get a CSV report with Complete List of Client SSL Profiles and their VIP Mapping and  CIPHER Configuration in F5 LTM using tmsh


  1. BigIP LTM 11 and above
  2. Administrator Shell Access ( for logging in to terminal )
  3. tmsh utility ( should be already available)
  4. python 2.4 and above should be installed

How its designed ?

We have designed a Python Program which will use tmsh commands and OOPS programming style to prepare a Dictionary and Lists and Cross Compare them to produce Comma Separated Values (CSV) output


Sample CSV Report Generated with this Script


The Source Code

How to Execute ?

  1. Login to BIG-IP LTM terminal
  2. Download the code and save it with .py extension
  3. Make the script executable ( chmod a+x script.py)
  4. Run the script with the Partition Name as a startup argument ( If you have no Partition, use Common as your partition)
  5. Redirect your output to the desired CSV file
./f5-GetClientSSLProfileMapping_CIPHERS.py Common > ClientSSLProfileMapping_CIPHERS.csv

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