Weblogic developer vs generic distribution - What is the Difference

Some Background

Weblogic distribution is the terminology that depicts the form or the nature of the Oracle Weblogic Installer (or) the installable files.

Oracle weblogic 12c can be downloaded in two forms.

  1. Generic Distribution
  2. Developer Distribution

What is Generic Distribution

In Generic Distribution, Oracle has bundled the Weblogic server and Coherence cluster with application examples and console extensions and help files.

Generic Distribution also has some of the Weblogic server's signature features like Continuous availability bundled in.  Which will not be available in the Developer Distribution.

The Downloaded ZIP file contains a JAR file named "fmw_12." The installation instructions for Generic Distribution can be found in here

You can download the Generic Installer directly from here

What is Developer Distribution

In Oracle's parlance, Developer Distribution is called a Quick Distro or Quick installation. As the name suggests this is the quick installer with decreased file size.

Developer Distribution file would come around 230 to 250mb where  Generic Installer would come near 800mb.

It is for the developers who want to try WebLogic 12c so there would be some of the Weblogic's administrative and signature features like High availability (Continuous availability), examples and admin console help files available in Generic version would be missing.

You can download the Developer Installer directly from here

Hope it helps


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