Ansible Dynamic inventory

Ansible dynamic inventory AWS - How to use

Ansible Dynamic inventory is a wonderful feature to efficiently manage the entire infrastructure, In an ideal world the list of hosts we have in our infrastructure would not be static, the number of hosts would increase or decrease based on the new instance provisioning and server decommissioning. In this variable[...]

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Ansible read JSON file - JSON file Parsing

In this article, we are going to see how to read the JSON file in ansible-playbook JSON is the most famous data representation it is widely used to store and transmit data. When you are working in Ansible automation, you might get a requirement to work with JSON files and[...]

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Ansible unarchive

Ansible Unarchive Module Examples

What is Ansible Unarchive Module and How does it work Ansible Unarchive module helps to unpack or uncompress the files from an archive file such as tar, tar.gz, zip  . Ansible unarchive module can optionally copy the files to the remote server before uncompressing them. Though the unarchive module is[...]

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