Weblogic Application Status Script WLST

To Get the Deployed Application Status in the Weblogic Domain, you can use the following python script and run it with WLST. It has nice Formatting and this post also covers "How to ignore or avoid the weblogic informational messages while running the WLST script" Copy the Script given below[...]

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Weblogic Application Status WLST

How to Avoid WLST Information Messages and Run the scripts Silently

While running the WLST scripts, You might have come across the informational messages as follows and additional empty lines. Initializing WebLogic Scripting Tool (WLST) ... Welcome to WebLogic Server Administration Scripting Shell Type help() for help on available commands Connecting to t3://web.mwinventory.in:33011 with userid weblogic ... Successfully connected to Admin[...]

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How to List the applied Patches in Weblogic

To List the applied patches in weblogic, you can do the following. For Versions Prior 10.3 Go to your MW_HOME/utils/bsu directory Run the following command ./bsu.sh -report Note* If you get any error like "unable to access patch-client.jar" - Execute the setWLSEnv.sh from WL_HOME/server/bin script and retry For weblogic 12c[...]

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Weblogic SNMP Monitoring Setup - Step By Step

The Objective of this post is cover the Weblogic SNMP monitoring in a practical manner. This post will have both theoretical and practical information and a video to help you understand things better. Let's start!.   What is SNMP and How it works SNMP - Simple Network Management Protocol is a[...]

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Troubleshooting Load Balancing Issues in Weblogic

This Post is going talk about few real time requirements (or) scenarios and how to handle it. Let's start! Consider the following scnearios Scenario 1 The Weblogic Cluster is having four managed servers and during the load/stress test you are finding that there is improper load balancing between the cluster members.[...]

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